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Dr Kate Gregorevic is a geriatrician and internal medicine physician. She works in both acute hospital medicine and community settings. She has also completed a PhD looking at the impact of positive psychosocial factors in the development of frailty in older adults. She has published multiple studies in this area.

Lifestyle medicine is a core feature of Kate’s clinical practice, and nutrition, exercise and sleep are integral to developing plans to optimise her patients’ health. Her approach goes beyond physical, to working with people to identify their own priorities and values and always centering these in any management plans.

Kate feels that it is incredibly important to provide accurate lifestyle strategies for health to as many people as possible, and so Kate has published extensively, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, News.com, WHIMN and Mamamia. She has been heard on ABC breakfast radio and 3AW.

In 2020 Kate published her first book titled “Staying Alive” that explores the science of living healthier, happier, and longer. She also launched Project Three Six Twelve, a provider of at-home exercise & well-being programs, designed to give women over 40 the tools they need to improve strength and vitality for long term sustainable health.

Kate lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children.


@leighsales We have been tolerant deaths in hospital aged care wards and nursing homes from infections like gastro and flu forever. The conditions that lead Covid to spread aren’t new. Now we need to have a reckoning on whether society is willing to pay for dignity for our most vulnerable.

I’m not outraged that people are spending time in parks in Melbourne. I am outraged that half of Melbourne’s active cases are being driven by aged care. We don’t need police in the park, we need better pay and conditions for aged care workers.

'You are awesome Melbourne': Victoria records just 14 new cases and five deaths

Victoria has recorded just 14 new cases, exactly one week out from the planned date for further easing of restrictions.


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